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Couple to be

My Wife-To-Be Is Still In Love With Her Ex (Part 1)

Couple to be

I saw her pictures on Facebook while glancing through my notifications. I immediately fell in love with her exquisite looks.

Her appearance stroked me off at that very moment and I just couldn’t take off my eyes from her exclusive picture. I kept staring at the adorable nature of God’s creation which I’ve been attracted to.

How would I even have her as my own? I asked myself severally of which I couldn’t get any reply. I had completed my national service by then and was employed into one of the television stations to work as a presenter.

While in the university I did a course in communication of which I later specialized in the presenting aspect related to only youth and lifestyle.

However, my lifestyle while on campus pushed away several ladies who mostly came my way. Although I was very brilliant and diligent, I was shy as well.

That part of me made it uneasy for me especially with the aspect relationship. It was really obvious I felt shy and naive as to how my efforts will even yield a result incase I even message this lady. I gathered courage and sent her a message but sad realized she was offline. I felt hurt and disappointed. I thought I had almost made it but that wasn’t it.

I slept off later realizing it was getting late and she had still not come online. While asleep, I had a surprise dream of which Chelsea as her name was, came over to my place to express profound gratitude in my accepting her as a friend on Facebook.

I was indeed surprised and elated. This was however the moment I had been expecting. Without wasting time I held her hands with my fingers moving through hers and proposed to her. She then looked at me with a smiley face.

I then left to the washroom to wash down as I realized my mood wasn’t the usual one. It was only a dream I thought, how I wished it was real. While, I in the washroom I heard my phone and immediately left to check on what exactly it was. I was deadly astounded, it was a message, and guess exactly sent it. Chelsea was the one.

I immediately went through my inbox and she had actually requested for my number. Without wasting time I sent it to him and prayed silently to get a positive feedback. We chatted for hours and before long we had both gotten feelings for ourselves. Out courage I expressed my love to her and she quickly accepted it.

I was really impressed at how everything was working out. First, her enticing and beautiful picture. How her appearance stroked me off, the wonderful dream I had and lastly how we’ve bothered fell for each other. I pounced on it several times but I imagined it could be the way of God I thought.

Days went by and we began see each other most of the times. We usually spent our free times either at malls, beaches and several others. It was indeed fun being with Chelsea.

One thing that mostly becomes a threat was her time she mostly had for her Ex when was alone. Sometimes I tried looking over it but it did continue.

Days rolled into months and months in years simultaneously and our relationship was becoming a great one. We both introduced ourselves to both parents and they did acknowledge their assurance in us being a lovely couple.

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