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Couple to be

My Wife-To-Be Is Still In Love With Her Ex (Part 2)

Couple to be

Chelsea on the other hand still had a weak side and that was affection for her Ex. I mostly felt jealous when I see her either replying a message on her phone or even a call. Her actions sometimes makes me think we both wasting our time. On fateful Wednesday after work I decided to pass by her house without her awareness.

Immediately I got there I heard some conversations going on in the living room. I knocked and she opened. I entered and realized the guy I saw his picture on her phone was the one seated there. I felt hurt but self respect held me up to behave decently. Hello, I greeted him and he responded. We chatted for a while about our life and others.

I felt Chelsea’s uneasiness but I tried to make everything serene and calm.  Charles as his was, asked for leave and left. Chelsea to explain herself, but I felt things would still be the same so I didn’t mind. The time for our courtship was due and began it.

While going through a hectic day after the director had asked of our weak side since we began the relationship.

Chelsea then began to voice it up. “Before I met my Steven I was in a complex relationship, I began very well with my Ex and we both loved each other. I was a virgin by then and promised myself not to break my virginity until I’m married.”

Charles made believe him with the love and things he did lavish on me. One fate day which was his birthday, I tried to surprise by going over to his place without making him aware.

When I got there he was really surprised to see me and that was how everything started. He held he up in a very sexy but romantic way.

I just couldn’t resist that enticing touch from him. He kissed me affectionately from my neck and the most sensual part of my body.

I did feel the heat of how it was going on. I couldn’t even stop him when he tried my clothes and then later his. He began to smooch and romance me in a very enticing way. It was after i saw blood on his that i realized that he has indeed had sex with me.

Honestly I was myself though but I couldn’t stop him as well. Several days later after that happened his behavior began to change towards me. I did fall deeply for him but I realized he only wanted sex from.

“I still feel something for him but I don’t think I can be with him any longer” – Chelsea finally concluded. I knew it wasn’t her fault but then because the guy broke her virginity that is why things are still that way. The director then promised us things would work out as time goes on.

Although I have an assurance that it would work out, but I still have a feeling that Chelsea still love her Ex.

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