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Dear Prophet I Saw It But Couldn’t Avert It

You saw May 9th before it happened but could do nothing to avert it, you saw the circle disaster but could do nothing about it. The Atomic Gas explosion, the death of MPs, accidents and now that of our brother KABA: you saw them all but couldn’t do a thing about it. Why are you telling us now that it …

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Annie-Gracie Writes: Find Your Passion And Follow It

I looked at my grades and began to think about my purpose in life. What at all can I even achieve,I thought. I’ve always wrote this examination and this time marks the fourth and its still fail” Dersery sat down fumbling on these words after hectic days of writing exams but always get a fail. Dersery was the third among …

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Humility Pays But Pride Leads To Destruction – Annie Gracie Writes

Adraine Clarke lived with her parent who were credibly affluent and occupied well esteemed positions in their work places. They therefore larvished on Adraine with the wealth such that she lacked nothing. The affluence of her parent however affected her adversely both internal and externally. She had no respect for anyone she came in contact with. Relatives who either came …

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Annie-Gracie Writes: Being Yourself

What’s your exclusive name? Kelly asked me as he stared through the pinna of my eyes. I was feeling bashful on how reply him. Kelly has been the star of almost every girl in Mystic College. He rarely talked to a lady on campus due to the sense of humour had. He was very decent,discipline and attractive. However, I was …

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