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Devote More Time On Media Platforms for The Solutions Of Our Serious Socioeconomic Issues Than Internal Party Elections Or Wrangle


Time wasted can’t be regained irrespective of how it was utilized. For a country to increase and maintain high and quality productivity by the labour force, the number one resource to be extremely well managed for solving diring and problematic issues within our socioeconomic space is time.

Be it on radio, TV, print, and websites. A country of approximately thirty million can’t still have the citizenry endangering their dear lives at expense of the selfish and megalomaniac wishes of the political leaders.

Virtually, all aspects of our economy aren’t functioning to expectations. Hence there is the need for the media to allow more time in solving or eradicating this long existing canker in the health, road, housing, finance, education, security, tourism, Agric, and sports.

Without a shred of doubt, internal party elections and chaos don’t and improve the economy in any way. The just ended national elections by the ruling government in Koforidua had a mega budget it. How beneficially direct is it to the economy? I was disheartened to hear a leading member of the Conservative Party in the UK admonishing the economic managers to desist from the profligate expenditure.

Is Ghana more developed than his country to live such a political lifestyle? Therefore, I’m pleading with the non politically connected media houses to spend more time educating the taxpayer on the sectors mentioned above and hold those in charge accountable on their esteemed platforms.

A short congratulatory message to the winners of the various positions in the NPP’s national elections can be done and then the greater focus is given to the sectors for answers. Currently, do we know the number of road construction or renovation completed? What about the hospitals outside the nation’s capital? How soon is the housing policy favoring the masses to own their houses?

Does the ordinary Ghanaian have much knowledge about the forthcoming mid-year budget presentation at the end of this month? These and many more of such are the reason for writing this piece to the media especially radio/TV editors, presenters, reporters and online writers of socioeconomic programmes. Honestly, there are few radio and TV hosts who dedicate a large part of their airtime speaking and asking thought-provoking issues and questions on the economy so let’s continue.

It’s incumbent on the fourth estate of the realm to critically and willingly set a problem-solving agenda for the viable economy for a strong and developed nation. Cherished readers, I end this piece with an Abraham Lincoln quote which says, ‘Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country’.

Written by TheDannie Black

Managing Editor, ghanapubliceye.com


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