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Search For A.A.K Constituency Organizer, Eben The Right Choice



We need a vibrant organizer who will be able to facilitate party activities and mobilize connexional resources for the victory of the NPP family in 2020 and beyond.

It’s an established fact that on the job experience is always looked at ahead of academic credentials that’s why the party doesn’t bar people from holding positions based on academic qualifications.

It’s established that persons who show up after victory are never to be trusted

It’s also established that delegates look out for their own, the person who has been through thick and thin with them.

Ebenezer Annobil, a graduate of UCC, a native of Ahomfie No2 in A.A.K, a member of A.A.K Youth Wing and an incumbent polling station executive was attached to the A.A.K Grassroots Campaign Team as an Organizer as part of strategies that amassed votes for 2016 election victory.

EBEN is known for the massive mobilization of then-new voters in Kwamankese Electoral Area and unregistered eligible voters in various electoral areas to the EC office for registration and validation during the limited voters’ registration exercise.

And once again assigned to supervise a successful Vote Transfer in A.A.K which brought forth the responsibility of mobilizing B.E.C.E candidates from the communes of Abura Gyabankrom, Afrangua, Mpeseduadze, Ansafona, Obokor, Kwaman, Ayeldu, Odompo and Korado in the name of the great Elephant family that yielded fruits of victory.

We think the party is looking for somebody who is gifted with organizational attributes.

EBEN is an agent of progressive ideas who champion other people’s interests and ensures the aspirations of the youth are taken care of and this attracts more young people to represent a real force.

The organizational transformation of NPP A.A.K depends on a dedicated, loyal and tolerant divine aspirant like EBEN who work for a cause, not applause to ensure victory 2020 and beyond as an agenda.

Small deeds that are better than great deeds planned.

#The Youth Alive, The Work Is Done

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