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Smile For the Unheard A Pizarea Strategy

I believe that technology will be leverage of revolution for Ghana if much attention is paid. Pizarea a start-up online food ordering company has made a lot of impact With leveraging technology on
Food ordering.

The startup based in Ghana has grown astronomically and has started to expand into other regions in the Country.

Th CEO believes that if government pays attention to growing startup in the country
these will help millions of Jobs to created.

He said;

“I suggest government create a fund, identify tech startups with the potential to grow and help them accelerate

This will step to help build unicorns in Ghana to help join and compete with major tech starts such as Facebook, Delivery Hero ,Postmate, Tencent just to mention s few.

This will help curb issues of our young men and women with a lot of brilliant ideas from embarking on dangerous across the desert to seek greener pastures in Europe.”

As part of our strategy for the year, plans will be revealed on special package Pizarea will be outdooring for the unheard artistes

Source: Mixtic Romras

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