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The mind is a masterly telemarketer – don’t pick up the phone

BTO Writes…… Some telemarketers are dangerously expert at marketing their products. They can make unsuspecting customers who had no desire for that product feel that they need it. And need it so much, that they pay whatever it takes, immediately. We all are vulnerable to a masterly telemarketer existing within us: the mind. It suggests indulgences so persuasively and seductively …

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BTO Writes: What brings us to the world is not as defining as what we bring to the world

What brings us to the world refers to the channel through which we come to the world: our family and dynasty. In most traditional societies, people’s station in life and indeed their whole life was defined by their birth. What we bring to the world refers to the talents, the interests, the consciousness that we bring with us. As we …

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Use Intelligence To See Beyond Appearance – BTO Writes

Some people argue, “Seeing is believing.” They deride as unintelligent those who believe in invisible things such as the soul or God. However, the defining characteristic of intelligence is to see beyond appearance. For example, animals craving for water in a desert unintelligently believe the mirages that appear before their eyes. Chasing mirages, they try in vain and die in …

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