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That Tiny Little Sexy Voice – Episode 6

Abena The Next day! I went back to our usual local hang out. He wasn’t there but that didn’t break me down. I kept going for months. Nothing was stopping me from meeting Kwame again. My name is Abena and I can never give up. We were born as true fighters out of our mother’s womb. I was born 26 …

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My Heart Desire – Episode 6

I immediately began arranging his stuff to prepare our leave back home. I realized this was the time if our future would be on a positive note would be from now. The doctors administered some drugs to him and we finally took leave. I then drove Donald in my car as we headed to his residence. I was extra careful …

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I’m Sorry – Episode 6

I was surprised she kept singing all that without any mistake. I seemed she did enjoy it very much and that had quickened her to sing it the more. I then came out of her but she insisted she wanted more and I was stressed out. I tried pleading but she wouldn’t listen to anything. I was confused as to …

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