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That Tiny Little Sexy Voice – Episode 8

Love or Lust?

Got to the Office and got cold feet. What am I doing here? Am I that desperate? Was I searching for love or lust?
I’ve always been told I was addicted to sex which I hardly admit. Every woman loves good sex and I don’t think that makes me a sex addict. There was something about Kwame that I just couldn’t resist.

I entered the building and took the elevator to the second floor. I did my research as soon as I read Kwame was the CEO of this company. Apparently, his father passed away late 2015 and he took over the Company. He has an elder sister and a younger brother. Both living abroad. No kids and not married. Strike a chance the tiny little sexy voice said to me.

As I get to the reception, a beautiful lady welcomes me and said: Hi Lady are you here for the PA vacancy? Yes, I am I said quickly!

She took my name and asked me to have a seat till I’m called in.

Abena, you can go in now. It’s the third office on your right!
As I walk I said a prayer to myself.
“Lord, as I walk in the office, let me come out of here with a job and Kwame”. I smiled as I said that to myself.

Entering the office…

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